Story Post: Judging: 13 July 2024 (0 comments) Something unnatural. As the storm quickly grew in intensity, a strong breeze car

Something unnatural.

  1. As the storm quickly grew in intensity, a strong breeze carried a salty mist into the village. June peered out at the ship on the horizon. It was quickly approaching the sandstone cliffs. She froze. “They’re returning already!” She could only hope that there had been enough time to prepare. June rang the warning bell at the top of the hill with a loud CLANG! As the mist became a light rain, June noticed that the ship had gotten surprisingly closer. It almost seemed as though the ship was being… propelled. No, the ship was being carried by something humongous, a giant shadow underneath the hull. And the storm was following in its wake. Already the villagers were beginning to meet by the cliffs, chatting nervously but prepared with the weapons and defenses that they could find.
  2. Panic and fear racked the crew of the Black Hawk. No one really knew what to expect when Natasha held the Jewel of the Seas aloft, but a bottomless pit appearing before them was not anywhere on the radar. Neither was the eldritch beast which arose from the pit.

    W̶̾͝Ẽ̸͊ ̷̄͑Ȧ̷͗R̶͐̍E̶̎̕ ̵̈THŔ̸̐Ő̸̾M̵͠.

    The deep voice penetrated their very souls.

    B̸̈́͌E̸̽̌C̷̋͝O̵̅͒M̸̓͒Ĕ̶͉ ̶̕OUR VE̵͋͌S̶̔̚S̴͛̕Ẽ̷L.

    The bodies of Natasha and her crew lurched and her eyes turned a bright red.

    D̸̂̄Ē̴̚S̵̅͝T̵̂̐R̷̅͠Ö̷́͛Y̶̏ THE GIRL.

    Without a word, the possessed crew of the Black Hawk turned their ship back to the village…

    Back on the sandstone cliffs, June felt something hit her shoulder. Turning around she found a piece of paper wrapped around a small stone. Unfurling it, the message read: “Meet me in the crypts. We need to chat”
  3. June could only guess what was going on. She feared the sea, and thereby, knew little of it. But one story in particular had always stuck with her: the story of the gem. Naturally… she purchased a rowboat and set sail oar for the storm.

    At the center of the maelstrom, Natasha had taken the gem to Charybdis, the bottomless pit that lie in the deep. She simply wanted to meet… for a chat. With the gem. She had planned meticulously for this. Years upon years of research and pillaging. Well… almost meticulously, at least. She did forget to properly inform her crew, which thought this was The End. Ignoring her disorderly crew, she raised the gem and exploded her voice into the deep,  “Zenzizenzizenzic and zenzizenzizenzic powers raised, closer and closer to your mathematical ways. Instead by zero let infinity shine, so now let thine power be mine!”
  4. A small town abuzz with chaos sent out a “smell” that a nearby sleeping dragon noticed. Little psychic screams infiltrated the cozy den of the dozing dragon. Mir lifted an eyelid as well as her nose. She stirred irritably at the interruption to her snooze but that passed when her senses grabbed onto something. Not people, well, yes, there’s people: there’s always people, but something else. A jewel? THE Jewel? Mir stretched her wings out and gazed out the cave door that fell directly into a bottomless pit. While making up her mind that she’d need to go introduce herself to whatever bozo, correction, lovely person that happened to be holding a dazzling jewel, she walked toward the cave entrance. As she stepped off the ledge, she pushed down with her wings and she thought, “Amazing! New friends to meet! We might have a nice chat or some exciting negotiations.”
  5. As June set sail, her mom’s words echoed in her head. “Go to the orchard of the sea goddess. There you’ll find the high priestess Anthalia. Meet with her, she should know more about the gem that the pirates took.” “Don’t worry Mother, I promise to end whatever they plan on doing” June thought as she sailed onward.

    It was sunset by the time June made landfall on the island orchard. To her surprise, a clocked figure was waiting on the beach. “Umm.” June stammered “Hi… I’m looking for…” The figure raised a hand. “The winds have told us of your need to meet with our high priestess. Come, there is much to chat about.”

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Proposal: Revelations, Chapter and Verse

In the rule “Drawing” after the text “Make a Story blog post with the title of “New Drawing: “” add the following text:

, or if this is an Ending Drawing the title should be “New Ending Drawing”,

The reminder blog post for a new Drawing should also include if it’s an Ending Drawing. Might as well make the reminder fully explicit about what’s happening.

Story Post: Time for an Ending Drawing

How will The Story be resolved??? We shall see…

Make sure your next Fragment ends with the sentence “The End.” as per Rule 2.10.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Proposal: Announce the winner.

Under Judging, add this bullet after
“Add the Fragment in that Judging with the highest Total Score, randomly selecting a Fragment among any that are tied for highest Total Score, to the end of The Story, unless it is an Ending Fragment, in which case publicly track it as “The Last Fragment” and do not add it to the end of The Story.”

Make a Story post announcing the winning fragment along with any flavor text the Publisher may choose.

Proposal: Understanding Your Standing

In the rule “Points” add the following text:

As a Virtual Story Action, a Storyteller may send a request to the Publisher to learn where they are in Points relative to all other Storytellers. When the Publisher resolves this action, they subtract 5 from that Storyteller’s Points, privately sort the Points of all Storytellers in order from highest to lowest, and report back to that Storyteller with that Storyteller’s ordinal place in the list (e.g.: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. etc), where the Storyteller with the highest Points is 1st.

Similar to Clucky’s Proposal, but you only learn where you are in the list, not anyone else’s Points value, nor who is ahead or behind you.

Proposal: Announce the winner

Withdrawn. Failed by JonathanDark.

Adminned at 13 Jul 2024 22:04:38 UTC

Under Judging, add this bullet after
“Add the Fragment in that Judging with the highest Total Score, randomly selecting a Fragment among any that are tied for highest Total Score, to the end of The Story, unless it is an Ending Fragment, in which case publicly track it as “The Last Fragment” and do not add it to the end of The Story.”
Make a Story post announcing the winning fragment along with any flavor text the Publisher may choose.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Proposal: Situational Awareness

Popular, 5-0. Enacted by JonathanDark.

Adminned at 13 Jul 2024 19:39:18 UTC

In the subrule “Drawing”, add the following step as the last step of the Drawing atomic action:

* Make a Story blog post with the title of “New Drawing: “ followed by the current date, and any flavor text of the Publisher’s choosing in the body of the post.

Some people are missing the fact that a Drawing has started, so let’s make it more obvious with a blog post.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Story Post: Drawing Deadline: 13 July 02:30

Last call for Creative Writings

Proposal: Peekaboo

Timed out, 1-3. Failed by JonathanDark.

Adminned at 13 Jul 2024 19:38:37 UTC

Add the following to “Points”

As a Virtual Story Action, a Storyteller may send the name of another Storyteller to the Publisher. When the Publisher resolve’s this action, they first reduce the points of the Storyteller performing this action by three, then privately inform that storyteller how many points the other Storyteller they named has


Roll Call

Feel free to check in here with a comment just to keep from going idle

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naught = 0

naught has been idled for being inactive for 7 days. Quorum falls to 4.

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Proposal: Unleashing the Dark Forces

Popular, 5-0 with 1 DEF and Publisher voting FOR. Enacted by JonathanDark.

Adminned at 10 Jul 2024 01:31:00 UTC

Add a new Category named “Rituals” to the gamestate page.

It feels like something is going to happen with this gem, either to invoke its power or prevent its use, or maybe both.

Sunday, July 07, 2024

djf1107 is back

djf1107 is unidled per this CfJ. Quorum remains unchanged at 4.

Story Post: Judging: 07 July 2024

“Unless the part about there being a girl who can use the gem to destroy the master is true.”

  1. June and her mother stumbled out of the burning building. “Is that everyone?” June asked, breathing heavily. Her mother surveyed the group of people that they had managed to evacuate. “Yes, everyone made it out.” June let out a sigh of relief. “They took everything. Even the seaberries and dragonfruit that you worked so hard to gather,” her father said, looking distraught. “But it’s worse than that. They took the heart of the deep. The prophecy has come true.” At this, June gasped. “June, I’m so sorry, but we need you to get that gem back. You’re the only one who can harness its true power.” June looked around at the chaos and destruction that the pirates had caused, and her fists clenched. She was going to make them pay. “My pleasure.” And June headed for the sandstone cliffs.
  2. “Set course to the sandstone cliffs. We need to get the gem to the caves before sunset” Natasha ordered, biting into a piece of fruit to hide her nerves. She couldn’t believe it. Here she was, the most feared pirate in the seas, shaking like a penguin at a seal colony. “It’s a pleasure making such a deal with you” the voice of the cloaked figure echoed in her mind. “Why would anyone even dare try to use this gem?” Her conscience nagged at her. Before she had time to ponder what would await her, the voice of her first mate suddenly called out. “Captain! We’re being followed!”
  3. June spent the next several hours helping the village recover from the pirate attack. Fortunately, when all was said and done only a couple of villages had lost their lives, though several buildings were burnt down in the raid. After a long day of helping survivors, June took a moment to relax with a simple pleasure: fruit from the great apple tree that stood on top of the sandstone cliffs. As she plucked the bright red fruit from the leafy branches she took a bite. The Black Hawk could barely be seen on the horizon, but June knew it was only a matter of time before it returned. Suddenly, dark clouds began to form above the distant ship and loud thunder filled June’s ears. This was no ordinary storm. Something was wrong. Something unnatural.
  4. Distracted by the stream of goods going over the sandstone cliffs, June didn’t see a blond girl sidle up beside her. Speaking softly in June’s ear, “Cap’n’s gonna be happy for swamp beets; almost good as fruit.” June gasped slightly and tried to calm her heart while staring at this girl who apparated from nowhere. “Ladies by themselves get mistaken as goods.” She whispered, as she put a small dagger into June’s free hand. “Pirates shoot cannons at enemies. Damsels are for pleasure; and not their own.” The blond took off and motioned to June to follow. She followed.